Limited Edition VIP options now available

Sky Arts International is offering a range of exclusive VIP packages for Uli Jon Roth's North American Shows.

Several exclusive great VIP PACKAGES are available for the North American Shows. 

1) There is a standard Meet and Greet which takes place AFTER each show (SILVER PASS) 

2) Uli and his band are performing an exclusive private concert in the late afternoon BEFORE the main show in the same venue after sound check. The music consists of the Uli’s spectacular “Metamorphosis Concerto” for 7-string Sky Guitar and Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons Concerto. (META VIP PASS or GOLD)

3) MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR BUS EXPERIENCE. Very exclusive and limited to 9 people. This VIP pass is extra special and includes all the other. (TRIPLE PLATINUM PASS)

Robert Sillitoe